Tournaments, competitions and broadcast

Our team are well versed in handling cargo and equipment across all aspects of the production and delivery of live sporting events across a broad range of freight and logistical requirements.

Managing the logistics of major sporting events, competitions and team operations require a high level of precision and efficiency.

We are experienced in project managing complex freight requirements across tournament, event and broadcast infrastructure. We work with elite sporting teams as an extension of the logistics and operations team to handle and transport team equipment, training infrastructure or apparel.

We recognise success is measured by performance – the performance of the team or athletes on the field, the audience experience in stadium or via broadcast. Our role is to play a pivotal role from planning to long after the final siren is sounded, or flag is dropped. We work hand in hand with team managers, tournament organisers or broadcast partners to ensure the event, teams, athletes and partners, are set up for success.

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