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In January 2023, Live Event Logistics completed the acquisition of Roadpro Event Services.

Established in 1988 offering local and national transport solutions for the entertainment and arts industry, Roadpro provides quality transport options that are reliable, proven and cost effective. With a modern fleet we pride ourselves by delivering what we promise. Extensive backgrounds in technical production values required for staging events and arts company tours and festivals enables Roadpro to maintain a clear understanding of our client’s demands. Roadpro has always toured and transported entertainment freight; we are not distracted by general freight services, we understand our chosen industry, and recognise foremost that entertainment logistics have distinctive requirements.

Roadpro tours theatre, corporate and government exhibition, and broadcast television. Our touring in this field, similar to arts touring is nationwide and can be up to 5 years in duration. It is not uncommon for a tour to be on the road for months covering 17 000 – 27 000 kilometres start to finish. Roadpro also transports artistic pieces, museum exhibits, interactive exhibits and cinema installations. Our personalised service is tailor made to complete the task effectively and efficiently. 


The Arts

Our knowledge of theatrical staging and technical equipment is advantageous when working within the arts. For example, Roadpro has toured the Queensland Ballet for over ten years, both regionally and interstate. All domestic and local movements for Queensland Ballet productions are by Roadpro Event Touring and we service Opera Queensland’s local requirements. Roadpro has supplied logistical services to Queensland Arts Council for over ten years and for the Northern and Regional Performing Arts Centre Association. Artour now utilises our services in this field, and we are happy to be a part of the increase in the arts toured regionally throughout Queensland and Australia. 

In Tune


Our knowledge of classical instruments and their specific demands is advantageous when touring and transporting the QSO. Roadpro Event Touring averages well over 130 movements per year locally. In addition, we provide on average, 4500 kilometres of regional touring for the QSO. Roadpro Event Touring has proudly serviced the QSO for over 6 years. 

Sound Experience

Roadpro provided services for the Brisbane Warana Festival and Riverfestival in the past, now the Brisbane Festival, and The Queensland Biennial Festival of Music, currently the Queensland Music Festival. Recent production locations include Torres Straight “Ailan Kores” and Bowen “Behind The Cane” where Roadpro Event Touring supplied logistcal support, and site managed both events for QMF. At “Opera At Jimbour” our orchestral experience was used once again for transport and technical stagehand du5es. Roadpro has live music and concert experience, both onstage and offstage, in rehearsal studios, recording studios and pre-production venues. 

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